How to Rent a Carpet Cleaner at Giant Food Stores

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Things You'll Need

  • Personal identification

  • Money

  • Transportation

Carpet cleaners are expensive to purchase and typically aren't used often enough to get your money's worth. Many grocery stores, including Giant Food Stores, rent carpet cleaners. Renting a cleaner is budget friendly and eliminates the hassle of storing a seldom-used appliance.

Step 1

Visit the customer service counter located at the front of your local Giant supermarket.

Step 2

Inform the customer service clerk that you would like to rent a carpet cleaner.

Step 3

Ask for carpet cleaner prices and sizing, then choose the size and price that best suits your needs.

Step 4

Show the clerk your personal identification. Driver's license is preferred, however, the store will also accept most valid forms of photo ID.

Step 5

Pay for the rental of the carpet cleaner. Prices will be based on the size of the machine and are rented on a 24-hour basis. The cleaner can be purchased for more than a 24-hour period if needed, and costs will be calculated accordingly.

Step 6

Transport the carpet cleaner to your home and use the machine to clean your carpeting. A store clerk will assist you in loading the machine into your vehicle if needed.

Step 7

Return the carpet cleaner back to your Giant supermarket within the time period you agreed to, taking it back to the customer service desk.


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