How to Remove Rust From a Porcelain Sink

Stubborn rust stains can form on a porcelain sink, particularly from a shaving cream can or other such metal item sitting on the edge and leaving a circle of rust. Even bleach, commercial abrasives and hydrogen peroxide can fail to get the stain out. And many homeowners are adverse to using a product caustic enough to require gloves to use. The trick is to find a substance harder than rust but softer than porcelain. That substance is pumice stone.

Step 1

Purchase a pumice stone in the skin care section of a drug store.

Step 2

Wet the stone and the rust with water. Using a dry stone could scratch the porcelain.

Step 3

Scrape the iron with the pumice stone directly, as if confining a pencil eraser to just the pencil markings you want to erase. This concentrates your effort and reduces the chance of hurting the porcelain. The stain should come off easily.

Step 4

Wet the pumice stone with oxalic acid if it does not work on its own. Use gloves for this.

Step 5

Apply car wax paste or Windex to the porcelain to restore its shine.