Indoor carpeting is usually cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. However, if a vacuum is unavailable or the carpet is too dirty for a vacuum cleaner, a broom can be used to pick up surface dirt. A broom will pick up a lot of the surface dirt and you can then follow with a vacuum cleaner or leave vacuuming until the next cleaning.

Step 1

Pick up any large debris that is on the floor. This may be papers, garbage or large balls of pet hair. Discard these items.

Step 2

Sweep the carpet with a traditional, angled, household broom. Use short, quick strokes. You will need more pressure than when you sweep a smooth surface. Aim the dirt toward hard flooring, if possible, so you can easily sweep it up and collect it.

Step 3

Scoop up the dirt by brushing it into a dustpan with the broom. Discard it. Repeat until all the dirt has been collected.