Home Remedy for Cobwebs

It's important to keep your home free of cobwebs, and not only because the look unattractive. Cobwebs pose a fire risk since they are very flammable. They attract allergens like pollen, dust and dirt, and can contain unhealthy matter, such as dead insects.

Lemon furniture polish can eliminate cobwebs.

Wash Your Walls

Washing your walls and ceiling with warm, soapy water both removes cobwebs and prevents them from forming. Wash areas where they tend to form once a month, or whenever a cobweb appears.

Spider Control

Keep spiders from getting into your house to prevent cobwebs. Seal cracks in your floors, ceilings, window sills and other woodwork with caulking. Keep your house free of trash and clutter. Eliminate other insects, like cockroaches, in your home, since they are a food supply that attracts spiders.

Lemon Furniture Polish

Dust areas where you've seen spiders and cobwebs with lemon furniture polish. This will clean away the cobwebs, and the lemon oil in the polish acts as a spider repellent.