How to Get Lumps out of Pillows

Synthetic pillows and feather pillows can develop lumps. Moisture and dirt are sometimes the culprit, and lumps may also develop during washing the pillows. These lumps are unsightly and uncomfortable to sleep on. It may seem the lumps are permanent, but there is an easy way to remove the lumps from most pillows without having to remove the pillow's feathers or stuffing.

White pillow and sheets on bed
credit: Jupiterimages/ Images
Lumps in pillows don't have to be permanent.

Step 1

Wash the pillows in a washing machine, if the care label indicates it is safe to do so.

Step 2

Remove the pillows from the washing machine after the cycle has completed. Place one to two pillows at a time in a clothes dryer, set to low, with three clean tennis balls.

Step 3

Turn the dryer on. Allow the pillows to tumble dry for one hour.

Step 4

Check the pillows for remaining dampness. At this time, fluff them with your hands. If pillows are still damp place them back in the dryer and dry them until they are fully dry.

Corey M. Mackenzie

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