PVC pipe is a durable hard plastic pipe used in most modern home and commercial plumbing today. The uses for PVC pipe are countless. PVC pipes are typically connected by fittings also made from PVC. Some PVC fittings and joints have threaded ends that make for easy connection; others don't. However, since water flows through most PVC pipes, it is a good idea to reinforce these threaded connections as much as possible. There are ways to to reinforce your PVC connections.

Glues and plumber's tape can help you reinfoce your PVC pipe connections.

Step 1

Pour a small amount of cleaning solvent, or PVC primer, onto a rag and then use it to thoroughly wipe down your PVC pipe and PVC connectors.

Step 2

Shake up your container of PVC glue and open it. Using the applicator swab built into the lid, apply the PVC glue to the sections of PVC pipe you are going to connect.

Step 3

Join the PVC pieces that you are going to connect. Hold them firmly to the count of three to five seconds. Use an old rag to wipe off any PVC glue that drips out of the connection.