Organizing a small bedroom, including furniture and decor, is a way to give it more space, keep it neat and functional and ensure that the area is used well. There are a number of ways to add organization to a small room that will make it feel more spacious and useful. Keep the bedroom picked up and stick to the method of making the room neat in order to get the most benefit from organizing a small room.


Place a bed with room for storage underneath it against one wall of the room. Put the bed in a corner or along a wall to increase the amount of floor space available in the room.

Use flat, rolling storage containers to store items in the area underneath the bed. Storage containers can be used to store offseason clothes, fresh sheets and blankets and seasonal decor.

Use a storage container with drawers to act as a nightstand and extra storage for items such as medications, books and magazines or jewelry. Place a lamp on the storage container and use it as a bedside table and organizer.

Put a closet organizer in the closet to create a space to organize shoes, boots and other items. This keeps them off of the floor and easily accessible, as well as ensuring that they remain organized.

Put a dresser in a corner of the room or store it inside the closet if there is room for it. This frees up more floor space and keeps the room organized and neat.