Most rat traps require bait, but when you use bait, there's always the chance that a pet or a child might get caught in the trap instead. Some rats can steal the bait from the trap without setting it off, but not all rat traps need bait. Some snap traps have a trigger that is impregnated with a food scent. These traps have the advantage of not requiring constant re-baiting and the rodents can't steal the bait without setting off the trap.

Step 1

Set snap traps by pulling back the kill bar and holding it down with your thumb.

Step 2

Lift the cheese shaped trigger to a 45 degree angle and slide the end of the locking bar under the "S" or "F" side. S will make the trap more sensitive, F prevents the trap from being triggered too soon.

Step 3

Place the trap so the side with the trigger is perpendicular to the surface of a wall or cabinet. Rats tend to run along the base of walls.

Step 4

Check the traps the next day. Remove the dead rodents by pulling the kill bar back and allowing the dead rodent to drop into the trash.