How to Trap Mockingbirds

Mockingbirds are small gray birds that inhabit athe United States and parts of Central America. They are aggressive birds and do not like to have their territories intruded upon. Mockingbirds will show off their wing span and pounce toward or fly around intruders, including other birds and cats. They are songbirds that can become extremely loud, and they can be seen alone or in pairs. They like to remain high on vegetation, fences and telephone wires, but it is not uncommon to see them bouncing around on the ground.

Step 1

Put bird seed in a small dish. This is your bait.

Step 2

Place the dish inside of the trap.

Step 3

Place the trap on a high post or on the ground. Anywhere you have seen mockingbird activity is fine.

Step 4

Leave overnight, and check the trap the next morning.

Step 5

Repeat until you have trapped the mockingbirds.

Step 6

Call animal control to come and get the birds after capture. Do not leave the birds in the traps for too long.

Sarah Coennen

Sarah Coennen writes about the medical industry, health, fitness, alternative medicine and animals. She has been a freelance writer since 2009.