Spider Repellents for Beds

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Most spider bites are tiny irritations. If you are getting bitten while in bed, you can create spider repellents that will keep them away without harming your or your linens.



Natural insect repellents that also work against spiders include tea tree oil, eucalyptus leaves and citrus oil. These oils contain compounds like d-limonene, which are proven to repel insects without causing any harm to you while you sleep in your bed.


Add a few drops of citrus or lemon oil to a spray bottle full of water, and spritz down your bedding and the area near your bed. This scent will keep spiders away. When washing your bed linens, add a couple teaspoons of eucalyptus or tea tree oil to the wash. This will kill any insects hiding in the fabric as well as repel them once the sheets are dry.



You can keep spiders out of your beds by using netting, like those used to protect people from mosquitoes. Hang the netting from your ceiling so it covers your bed. This physical barrier, combined with repellents, will keep you safe from spiders while you sleep.


Kay Wagers

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