How to Use Sulphur in Controlling Ants

One of the easiest ways to kill ants in your house or on your property is with pesticide sprays. However, these sprays can be toxic to humans. Sulphur spray as well as boric acid can be used to effectively control ants. Sulphur has been used since the time of ancient Egypt to control pests and insects. Remember that although sulphur is natural, it is still something that should be used with care and kept away from small children and infants who may unknowingly ingest or inhale it.

You can control ants with sulphur.

Step 1

Purchase a liquid sulphur spray or powdered sulphur dust. Locate ant hills and trails outside on your property and inside your home which you want to eliminate.

Step 2

Wear a ventilation mask, safety goggles and gloves to protect your lungs, eyes and hands from the irritating effects of breathing or coming into contact with sulphur in your eyes, nose or mouth.

Step 3

Pour powdered sulphur dust into an ant hill on the outside of your property. Sprinkle sulphur powder on the ground around the ant hill and on top of visible ant trails leading up to your doors and windows.

Step 4

Clear the inside area in your house of people and pets. Spray liquid sulphur spray onto visible ant trails on the floor and counters. Allow the solution to sit for 20 minutes and then clean with a disposable sponge and dish soap.

Nicole Schmoll

Nicole Schmoll is a freelance writer in Omaha, Neb., who has been writing professionally since 2005. Specializing in gardening, religion, communication and marketing, she has been published in "Woodmen Living," the "Journal of Current Issues in Research and Advertising" and various online publications. Schmoll holds a Master of Arts in communication.