Ingredients In Acetone

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Acetone is a common ingredient nail polish remover.

Acetone belongs to the group of organic molecules commonly known as ketones or alkanones. It's proper name is propanone, but it is also sometimes called 2-propanone. The ingredients in acetone are chemical elements that make up its chemical composition. The molecular composition of acetone is C3H6O and the condensed structural formula is OC(CH3)2. This means that Acetone is made up of a combination of the elements carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.


Carbon is located in the periodic table of the elements under its symbol "C." This element can be found in nature either amorphously, in graphite and in diamonds. It is also part of the composition of carbon dioxide, and it can be found in limestone, iron and magnesium. Because it is prevalent in the natural world it is easy to get access to and is used to make a lot of products other than acetone like petroleum and natural gas.


Hydrogen is the lightest gas and the lightest element. It is represented by the "H" in the periodic table. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, making up about 90% of it by weight. It is found in water, which is present in all organic compounds. It is flammable and lends that quality to acetone. When it does burn it produces water instead of pollution and waste like fossil fuels.


Oxygen is represented in the periodic table by the symbol "O." Oxygen is the third most abundant element found in the sun, and makes up about one fifth of the Earth's atmosphere. This element is found in other areas other than the atmosphere as well, two thirds of the human body, and nine-tenths of water, is oxygen. It can be present in a solid liquid or gas state and is colorless, odorless, and tasteless.

Properties of Acetone

Acetone is colorless, highly flammable and it is also a good solvent. It will dissolve most plastic products and synthetics. It is also used in common household products like nail polish removal, paint thinner and super glue remover. You should not inhale the fumes that acetone emits for long period of time it will cause throat and eye irritation.


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