How to Wash a White Polo Hat

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Things You'll Need

  • Stain pre-treatment spray or stick

  • Mild dish washing liquid

  • Toothbrush

  • Hat shape holder

An old toothbrush is effective for scrubbing out stains on white hats.

A white polo hat is both a fashion statement and a functional article of apparel for keeping the sun out of your eyes while outdoors. Makeup, facial oils, dust, sweat and dirt tend to build up on the hat over time, even if you do not wear it frequently. White or pale colors accentuate dirt and stains even more. Laundering the hat in a washing machine will cause it to lose its shape; therefore hand-washing is more appropriate for this fashion accessory.

Step 1

Read the care label on your white polo hat. This is typically located inside the rim of the hat. Many expensive hats require professional dry cleaning.

Step 2

Treat any stains or spots with a stain pre-treatment spray or stick.

Step 3

Wash the hat by hand for the best results, particularly if it does not have a care label or it's missing. Fill a small bowl with warm water and mild dish washing liquid to create suds. Use cool water if the hat is made of wool.

Step 4

Scrub the interior band or any particularly soiled areas with a toothbrush. Pay close attention to the seam areas as they tend to collect embedded dirt and grease.

Step 5

Rinse the hat well under warm running water.

Step 6

Position the hat on a shape holder to dry it. These are available at sporting goods stores and wherever hats are sold. Place it in an area out of direct sunlight for best results.


Never dry your hat in a clothes dryer. This can disintegrate any plastic stitching in the seams and ruin the shape of the hat.


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