How to Reset a Thermostat After a Power Outage

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Bad snowstorms or thunderstorms could result in a power outage.

If you have had a power outage because of bad weather or for any other reason, you might be anxious to get your thermostat up and running again because having no heat or air-conditioning during the winter or summer months can be agony. However, you need to consider that everyone else in your area might be doing the same thing--running and switching on their appliances at once. This could result in an overload and potentially yet another power outage. There are two things that you can do after a power outage to reset your thermostat or to get it working again.

Step 1

Turn your thermostat to "Cool" and "On" during the warmer months after a power outage. You can adjust the temperature lower in order to jump-start the air-conditioning. This will reset your thermostat in the warmer months--during the winter months, you will need to follow a few more steps.

Step 2

Switch on the "Emergency Heat" if your thermostat has been off for over three hours. Keep the thermostat switched to emergency heat for 24 hours. This will bring your home to normal temperature quickly.

Step 3

Turn your thermostat to the "ON" position after 24 hours have passed.


Do not, under any circumstances, turn your thermostat to the "ON" position right after a power outage during the winter. This could result in mechanical damage. The emergency heat setting will bring the temperature back to normal.


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