How to Stop Treated Animal Rugs Skins From Losing Hair

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Animal skin rugs are stylish, but easily damaged.

Animal rugs are often used in homes as area rugs or for decorating purposes. Many homes use synthetic animal rugs, which have different care instructions than real animal furs. Real animal furs are very delicate when compared to synthetic furs because the animal is no longer alive, and hair falls out easily once the animal is dead.


Step 1

Look for the cause of the hair loss. In many cases, the cause might be insects like larder beetles, which eat the rotting flesh of animals and even animal fur. Exterminate any insects causing the problem, but avoid spraying any insecticides directly on the skin, as this can cause the skin to dry and hair to fall out faster. If the cause is unrelated to insects, stopping the hair loss is more challenging.

Step 2

Avoid vacuuming the rug. Instead, take the rug outside and shake it to remove dirt. If the hair is already falling out, the vacuum will cause it to come out faster. Even if the fur isn't falling out, it's a good idea to avoid vacuuming animal skin rugs.


Step 3

Avoid cleaning with water. If water gets on the rug or is necessary for stain removal, hang the rug to dry.

Step 4

Avoid cleaning or drying the animal skin rug with heat. Fur and animal skin rugs do not like heat and are easily damaged by it, causing the hair to fall out faster.

Step 5

Send it out for professional cleaning once a year or so. Professional cleaners not only clean the animal rug, but they treat it with the appropriate chemicals so that it lasts longer. Professionals know which chemicals work best and which will damage the rug.



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