How to Clean a Woolrich Wool Blanket

Woolrich is a company that was established in 1830. The company was named for the small town in which the company was formed, Woolrich, Pennsylvania. The headquarters for the company is still in Woolrich, Pennsylvania. Woolrich sells men's and women's wool clothing, socks, and accessories and wool linens and blankets. When laundering wool blankets, care must be taken as wool is easily shrunk and stretched out. Before washing a Woolrich wool blanket, read the care instructions on the blanket.

Wool fabric is susceptible to shrinking and stretching if not properly laundered.

Spot Treatment

Step 1

For set-in spots, use a laundry pre-wash stain treatment that is bleach free. Follow the directions on the package. If instructed not to use the treatment on wool, do not use it on your blanket. Most stain treatments require you to spray the area and allow the treatment to set in for a specified amount of time.

Step 2

Put a dab of mild liquid laundry detergent on your finger. Work the detergent into the area of the blanket being spot treated.

Step 3

Wet a rag or cloth with lukewarm water. Dab the wet cloth on the spot. Continue dabbing until all laundry detergent residue is removed.

Step 4

Using a dry towel or cloth, dab the wet spot to remove any excess moisture. Lay the Woolrich wool blanket flat and allow it to air dry.

Hand Washing

Step 5

Find something large enough to hold water and your Woolrich wool blanket. Fill that up with lukewarm water and add mild laundry detergent as specified in the detergent instructions. Do not use hot water, as it will shrink the wool. Do not use bleach. Bleach dissolves wool fabric.

Step 6

Place the Woolrich wool blanket in the water. Gently squeeze the blanket to allow the water to soak into the fabric. Let the blanket soak for five minutes in the water.

Step 7

Rinse the blanket with cool water to remove all of the laundry detergent.

Step 8

Gently squeeze the blanket to remove excess water.

Step 9

Lay the Woolrich wool blanket on a flat surface, out of direct sunlight and heat, to dry. If necessary, gently tug the corners to reshape the blanket. Do not hang the blanket to dry, as it will stretch the wool fabric.

Dry Cleaning

Step 10

The care instructions of most Woolrich wool blankets recommend that the blanket be dry cleaned. Take the blanket to a dry cleaner.

Step 11

Fill out a form for the dry cleaner. The form usually asks for the customer's name, address and phone number. The dry cleaner will tell you when the blanket will be ready.

Step 12

Return to the dry cleaner. Pay for the dry cleaning and pick up your Woolrich wool blanket.