9 Go-To Places to Buy Dining Room Furniture

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While the kitchen may be the heart of the home, it's hard to argue that the dining room is the place where memories are made. That's why picking out the perfect dining room furniture is a task that's not to be taken lightly.


There's a lot to consider when shopping for dining furniture, not the least of which is the first question of where to buy it. Whether you're shopping for dining room tables or dining chairs, we've curated a list of our go-to retailers to get you started, along with some tips from experts on exactly what to look for.

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9 Places to Buy Dining Room Furniture Online

1. Apt2B

In 2010, the founders of Apt2B sought to create a brand that offers better-quality furniture at affordable prices. Today, the brand builds and curates a variety of furniture items for every taste and budget. Whether you're looking for a transitional kitchen table, glam armchairs, or an industrial-style counter-height table, you'll find it here.

All about midcentury modern for your formal dining space? Then you might want to hit up West Elm. Whether you're looking for bar carts a la ‌Mad Men‌, an eight-piece dining set for holiday entertaining, or a leather sofa and side chairs to tszuj your space, West Elm has it.


Pottery Barn is a one-stop shop for everything home, but its offerings don't stop at the back door. This home decor retail superstar features everything you could possibly need for a new home or an interior design upgrade, including living room console tables, kitchen islands, rattan accessories, and even mattresses.



4. Article

If updating your space or furnishing a new home is on your to-do list and an interior designer isn't in the budget, you might consider Article. It has design experts ready to give you style tips and has a curated series of bundles — all you have to do is select "add to cart." Moreover, Article has a bundle for every room in the house. In addition to living room bundles, shoppers will also find home office bundles and outdoor bundles. Who knew furnishing your home could be this easy?


Wayfair is probably everybody's first go-to for home furnishings — and with good reason. The home design e-tailer has every furniture item you would ever need and then some. From drop-leaf dining room tables to trestle benches and parsons chairs to bar stools, you can find it here.


While Williams Sonoma is a no-brainer for all things kitchen and dining, this home decor rock star delivers so much more than your run-of-the-mill dining room sets. Williams Sonoma's selection of home furnishings includes finishes and materials that are unexpected and over-the-top gorgeous. And there's so much to choose from. The faux bone bar cabinet is a best-seller, but if that doesn't strike your fancy, it has a Parisienne-inspired bistro dining set with a marble tabletop that might do the trick.



Overstock offers dining tables and dining room chairs a plenty, but it certainly don't stop there. It's another one-stop shop for every aspect of home design.


8. Amazon

With a seemingly endless amount of choices, free shipping, and easy returns, Amazon gives new meaning to accessibility. The e-commerce giant has us covered, from rugs to lighting and everything in between. But the best part may be that they often have some of the best pricing around.


9. Target

Target may not be the first name to come to mind when shopping for dining furniture or home decor, but it may be worth a hard second look. Specifically, the bullseye should probably top the shortlist for anyone working with a small space or a small budget. Much like Amazon, the shipping and delivery are free, and if the dining room furniture that lands on your doorstep doesn't make your heart sing when you open the box, returns can be done in-store.



What to Consider When Buying Dining Room Furniture

When shopping for dining room furniture, there are a few things to keep in mind, including:

  • Longevity
  • Style and comfort
  • Room dimensions and layout
  • Purpose and adaptability
  • Budget


"If you're looking for a piece that can stand up to tons of wear and tear, you want to consider the finish on the piece as well as the style," says Justin Hossle, designer, craftsman, and founder of Hossle Woodworks. "A sleek, ornate, lacquered dining table may not be the best choice [for a busy young family, for example]." In that case, you might want something that's simple and easy to maintain. Hossle notes, "If you want a 'showpiece,' feel free to get something more delicate. Just be aware of how much effort you're willing to put into caring for the furniture."

Style and comfort

"Contemplate your home's overall aesthetic and select dining room furniture that harmonizes with your existing interior design," Hannah Boyd, interior designer and founder of Couture Deco, says. "Remember that comfort is crucial, so pick chairs that are visually appealing and supportive for extended, delightful meals."

Hossle also notes that you should take your time with the process of curating your dining room. "Keep shopping until you find the right pieces," he says. "Don't settle for less."

Room dimensions and layout

"Accurately measure your dining room to guarantee the furniture you choose will fit effortlessly, leaving ample space for walking around and accommodating your preferred number of guests," says Boyd. Don't forget to "factor in the sizes of the table, chairs, and any supplementary storage or display pieces."

Purpose and adaptability

Boyd also reminds buyers to "assess the primary use of your dining room — will it serve as a space for daily family dinners, sophisticated gatherings, or a combination of both?" She says wherever you land after that assessment, "opt for furniture that suits your needs and, if necessary, consider versatile tables or multipurpose pieces."


Finally, Boyd suggests "establishing a practical budget to acquire stylish and long-lasting dining room furniture without overspending." She adds, "Buyers should keep in mind that investing in classic pieces can be more cost-effective in the long run."



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