The 11 Best TikTok Home Hacks of 2022

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Even if you're not an avid social media user, you can't deny the usefulness (and fun!) of TikTok home hacks. We're talking organization tips, renovation tricks, paint hacks, and creative DIY projects that can range from inspiring and surprising to downright soothing.


All that said, as another year comes to a close, we've been reminiscing about the best TikTok home hacks of 2022. Check them out below.


1. Add a pop of color by painting door edges.

As it turns out, you don't need a full paint job to brighten up a room. Simply paint the edges of doors, dressers, or cabinets for a secret pop of color, as suggested @taybeepboop on TikTok.

2. Turn napkin holders into floating shelves.

In 2022, TikTokers fell head over heels for this floating shelf hack. All you need to do is hang a napkin holder on the wall, then display a book or vinyl record. Love it.

3. Age a pot with baking soda and dirt.

The trend of aging planters and housewares continued well into 2022. In this iteration of the hack, TikTok user @lonefoxhome mixes baking soda and paint, then coats a pot. Next, they rubbed dirt on the pot and wiped away the excess. The result is a beautiful faux aged pot.


4. Make a monochromatic bookshelf with minimal effort.

If you've been longing after a monochromatic bookshelf, you'll want to bookmark this hack. It uses paper to cover the spines of vintage books, allowing you to create the look without hunting for specific pieces, which can take many days or months.


5. Keep rugs in place with hot glue.

Thanks to this resourceful hack from @redux_style on TikTok, you can stop rugs from sliding with some hot glue. It's particularly helpful when you have no rug pads on hand or don't feel like buying some.

6. Use flexible molding to make wall treatments.

This 2022 home hack might very well be one of our favorite ideas of the year. Created by @oliveandoakhome on TikTok, it involves using flexible wall molding to make arched wall treatments.


7. Organize cords with special hooks.

Did you know that you can buy hooks with cord bundlers? They're perfect for the back of kitchen appliances, allowing you to tidy up your countertop.


8. Turn two lampshades into a side table.

Take a tip from on TikTok and make a side table using two lampshades and a Lazy Susan. You'll never look at lampshades the same way again.


9. Use the seashell technique to paint gaps.

If you have a paint project on the horizon, consider using this seashell technique to cover gaps. It involves pushing and rotating the brush to create a seashell-like shape, allowing you to seamlessly fill in tiny spaces.

10. Make a decor stand with two items.

For an easy project that's budget-friendly to boot, check out this Target hack by TikTok user @brans_jordan. It's a DIY decor or dessert stand using a plate, upside-down bowl, and Gorilla glue. You might even be able to use this trick with old dishes you already have at home.


11. Stop drawer organizers from moving with museum gel.

In addition to rugs, hot glue can also stop drawer organizers from sliding around. Another option is to use museum gel, which has a similar texture.



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