This Cord Organizing Trick Will Declutter Your Kitchen Countertops

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If you're on a mission to organize your home, consider stocking up on adhesive hooks. They're perfect for making use of vertical space, like the wall or sides of a cabinet. But have you ever thought of sticking hooks onto actual items? This can be a gamechanger for organizing cords, as proven by @fooddolls on TikTok.


Video of the Day

In a recent video, @fooddolls shows us a special hook created by Command. The product is called a "cord bundler," as it features a rubber loop that's designed to hold electronic cords. When you need to unravel the cord, you can simply unlatch one end of the hook.

Next, @fooddolls suggests adding the hooks to the back of kitchen appliances, like an air fryer or blender. This way, you'll be able to wrap the cord and secure it in the loop, ultimately keeping everything in place. So smart.


You can buy the Command Cord Bundlers on Amazon or at Home Depot. One pack contains two hooks and costs about $5, which is a pretty awesome deal. It's a great way to organize on a budget, especially if you own many kitchen appliances.


Can you organize cords with regular adhesive hooks?

If you already have several adhesive hooks, you might not want to buy the Command Cord Bundlers. Fortunately, you can still use them to organize cords.

For this method, stick the adhesive hook on the back of each appliance as usual. Next, wrap the cord into a bundle, then secure it with twist ties. You can then hang the bundle on the hook.


Granted, this process requires a few extra steps, and you'll need to make sure you don't lose the wire twist ties. However, it's worth considering if you don't want to buy more hooks.


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