This Easy DIY Will Age Your Planter in Just a Few Minutes

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Sometimes the older an object looks, the more character it exhibits. There is something charming about aging a brick wall, painting metal to look older, and even transforming shiny brass into antique brass. Now, TikToker, @lonefoxhome, has shown us how to age a planter 30 years in just under 30 minutes.


They began by using some household paint and mixing it with baking soda. The baking soda will make the paint rise and become a little more textured than it would have been just on its own. Then, they painted all over the pot with the baking soda and paint mixture before drying it with a heat gun. This technique can also be used to create faux terra cotta.

Video of the Day

The creator went out to the yard and collected some dirt to mix with water. They pasted it all over the surface of the planter while suggesting using a heat gun again in order to rub away any excess dirt. This offers a soft, natural, and more distressed look, rather than just having dirt smeared all over your pot.


You can see in the video that @lonefoxhome uses their hands after heating the dirt to wipe away the extra debris. The difference in texture is immediate, as the pot looks smoother overall. Keep layering on the dirt until you're satisfied with the texture and color.


Voila! You now have yourself an aged pot.

Other TikTok users were loving the idea, and even offered up their own suggestions. One wrote, "Blend moss and buttermilk then paint that on. It will give it that beautiful, aged patina as well." Another suggested washing outdoor pots with milk or cream so the moss that grows looks like it's been there forever.

With a DIY as easy as this one, you really can have the planters of your dreams.



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