This Clever Hack Lets You Make Floating Shelves With an Unexpected Item

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Calling all bookworms! If you're looking for a stylish way to display your books, it might time to stock up on napkin holders. Yes, you read that right ... ​napkin holders.


Courtesy of Den Garden, we recently discovered a brilliant hack shared by @beetotable on TikTok. It involves hanging up a decorative IKEA metal napkin holder with a screw. This basically creates a miniature floating shelf, which is perfect for displaying a single book.

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The project has been a hit with TikTok users; some even shared their own tips and tricks for the hack. For example, a user recommended using two nails (one on each side) to keep the holder in place. Another person suggested applying a dot of sticky tack on the bottom corners for the same reason.


You could use also this trick for displaying vinyl records, as noted by yet another user. So fun.


What types of napkin holders can you use?

TikTok user @beetotable used the Tillställning brass napkin holder from IKEA. It has a beautiful, art deco-inspired cutout on each side. But if you're unable to find this exact item — or if you don't live near an IKEA store — you can easily use other napkin holders.


The trick is to choose one that has a cutout design and areas to hang on screws. For example, this triangle brass-plated napkin holder on Amazon could work well. The same goes for the Bendt iron wire napkin holder at Crate & Barrel, which has a metal grid design.

Other hacks using IKEA products:

Another cool idea is to use IKEA baskets in unconventional ways. You can hang up the bottom portions on your wall with adhesive books (i.e., no drilling required). From there, place a mini potted plant in each one, and you've got a charming installation.

As for the basket lids? Use them as coasters or potholders. Done and done.



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