This Surprising Item Will Help You Organize Food Wrap Boxes

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There's no doubt that food wraps like aluminum foil and parchment paper are staples in the kitchen. However, if you're like most folks, you probably store the boxes in a drawer. This makes it easy to grab and use, but it also results in a ‌lot‌ of wasted space. After all, if you were to store other items on the boxes, it would be inconvenient and cluttered AF.


With that in mind, you might want to skip the drawers when storing food wraps. Take a tip from TikTok user @shaynaalnwick and use a file organizer instead. The office item — which is traditionally used to store folders, papers, and magazines — is the perfect size for vertically holding food wrap boxes.

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From there, stick adhesive strips to the organizer, then adhere it to the inside of a cabinet door. Another option is to simply place the file organizer in a cabinet or on a shelf in your pantry. In either case, this trick will let you make the most out of your vertical space. (Writer's note: We also use a file holder in the kitchen for this exact purpose, and we can confirm it's a gamechanger for organization!)

File holders are sold in the office supply section of retailers such as Target and Walmart. They're also available at stores like Office Depot, Staples, The Container Store, and IKEA. If want to buy one online, consider searching for "magazine holder" as well.

Other kitchen organization hacks:

For another way to free up drawer space, @shaynaalnwick recommends hanging measuring cups along the inside of a cabinet door. All you need to do is install small adhesive hooks in a row, then hang a measuring cup on each one. This will eliminate the need of digging through drawers, making it easy to grab each one. Easy peasy.



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