This New IKEA Rack Will Save You a Ton of Space

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Coat racks are a handy piece of furniture for entryways, but if you're limited on space, they might not be ideal. Fortunately, IKEA has come to the rescue with its new space-saving vertical hook rack.


The Ploga is a wall-mounted rack whose hooks are adjustable. They're aligned vertically up the rack, but they can slide left and right to create a staggered formation. That makes it much easier to hang things from the hooks, as they won't be layered on top of each other.

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While we think the Ploga rack would be of perfect service in a foyer or a mudroom, you could also use it in a bedroom or walk-in closet to hang things like handbags, scarves, or ties. For such a simple piece of furniture, this vertical rack is surprisingly versatile.

Just keep in mind that this coat rack must be mounted to the wall — and only in the vertical orientation. So you'll want to research how to hang things on your specific type of wall.


We've got you covered with a guide here, but do note that it was specifically written for a horizontal rack, not a vertical one. Overall, the steps remain the same — just make sure you're installing it in the right direction.

Though the Ploga will likely be quickly covered up by whatever you're hanging on it, we appreciate that it demonstrates classic Scandinavian style, with a minimalist form and wooden detailing.

The Ploga vertical hook rack is now available in IKEA stores and online, and it retails for $27.99.



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