This Easy Hack Will Stop Your Rugs From Sliding Once and For All

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There are few things more frustrating — and unsafe — than a slippery rug. This is especially true if you live with pets, little kids, or people with limited mobility. And while you can certainly buy a rug pad and call it a day, there's a super cheap way to keep it in place.


Courtesy of @redeux_style on TikTok, we now know that hot glue will do the trick. "Flip your rug over, take your hot glue gun, and [add] long stripes of hot glue the length of your entire rug, about two inches apart," the creator explains. "I like to get the edges of the rug really well because I find that tends to slip first," she adds.

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Once the hot glue dries (it will only take a few minutes), it will become tacky. Flip the rug right side up and place it in its designated area. The dried hot glue will create friction against the floor, ultimatley preventing the rug from slipping. Done and done.


BTW, in case you're wondering, hot glue is not permanent. You can simply peel away the hot glue if you decide to use an actual rug gripper at some point. What's more, the hot glue will not damage the backside of the rug, as noted by the TikTok creator.


This trick is exceptionally useful if you have a liner that's too small for your current rug. In this case, instead of buying another liner, you can add hot glue to the unlined areas for extra grip.

Tips for using hot glue to line rugs:

For this rug hack, you'll want to use basic clear hot glue. Avoid using fabric hot glue sticks, which is specifically designed to adhere to fabric. This will be harder to remove later on.


It's also worth noting that the TikTok creator is using a mini glue gun. To speed up the process, consider using a regular-sized glue gun instead. You can buy one on Amazon or at a craft store.



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