This Paint Idea Adds a Secret Pop of Color That Isn't Too Much

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When decorating your space, it's always fun to include small surprises that will delight you and your guests. A great way to achieve this is with a fun pop of color, but depending on your personal taste, painting a whole wall or door might be too much. Thanks to TikToker @taybeepboop, we've discovered a vibrant idea that's not too big or small — it's just right.


In a recent video, @taybeepboop revealed that they like to add a simple touch of color to the part of a door, drawer, or cabinet that appears once you open it. For instance, after they painted their bedroom green, the DIYer added the same shade to the inside of their room and closet doors. When you open either, you are greeted with a delightful surprise that instantly makes you smile.

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On the top and sides of each of their bottom kitchen cabinet drawers, @taybeepboop uses yellow paint, a small paintbrush, and painter's tape to create lines of yellow that appear whenever they open a drawer. The painter's tape would be helpful for any project of this sort, so that you don't get paint all over the front and back of your doors.

The TikTok creator shows that they also used this trick to add yellow to the inside of their top kitchen cabinets. And lastly, they reveal that the inside of their French doors are a lovely shade of pink.


"It's really easy to do and doesn't overwhelm the space," says @taybeepboop. We couldn't agree more.

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