9 Annoyingly Smart Paint Hacks From TikTok

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Whether you enjoy the world of TikTok or not, it's undeniable that the platform's meteoric rise in popularity has ushered in a wave of handy information sharing, with countless creators posting DIY tips and tricks in a bite-sized, highly accessible format. The home improvement space has reaped the benefits of this trend, as innovative ways to build, clean, paint, and more are now right at our fingertips.


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We've been tapped into DIY TikTok from the beginning, and love sharing our favorites with you all. Painting hacks are particularly prevalent on TikTok, and some ingenious techniques have been offered that we can't get enough of. Here are our favorite bonkers, yet brilliant, paint hacks we recently found on TikTok.

1. Paint stair spindles with a sock.

This hack has to be one of the most inventive and helpful on our list, and we owe it all to user @diywithemma. To solve how difficult it can be to paint the tricky shape of staircase spindles, she creatively paints with socks on her hands instead of using a paintbrush. This allows her to grip the cylindrical structure of the spindles for quicker and easier paint coverage. Plus, any hack that involves putting socks on your hands is going to be a fun time.


2. Adopt the "seashell" painting technique.

Anyone who's embarked on a painting project knows that filling in all of those nooks, crannies, and cracks can be a real challenge. Luckily, @kdcares1 has shown us a clever way to get into those pesky places by positioning a paintbrush using the "seashell" technique. Simply push down on the brush so that it splays out wide, forming a seashell-like shape, and you'll easily fill those hard-to-reach areas.


3. Use a file folder for painting interior doors.

Painter's tape is one of the key elements to any painting project, but using it for every little detail can be terribly time-consuming. User @therenegadehome shares how they use a standard file folder for painting the inside edge of interior doors, placing one between the door and its frame and then using a mini foam roller to paint.


4. Apply a layer of clear coat for the crispest lines possible.

Once again, we all know painter's tape is a DIYer's best friend, but sometimes it doesn't produce a line that's as crisp and clean as we'd like. But fear not — @shaynaalnwick demonstrates how first applying a layer of clear coat when using painter's tape will produce a beautifully crisp line every time. File this one under satisfying AF!


5. Tape your paint can to avoid mess when pouring.

This handy hack is a simple game changer you'll be kicking yourself for not knowing about sooner. To eliminate those messy drips when pouring paint from a can into a tray, place painter's tape on the rim of the can to form a right angle. Easy, breezy, beautiful!


6. Use a Folgers coffee container for your paint.

If you're a coffee drinker with empty Folgers containers lying around, this is the hack for you. TikToker @thecolorofourhome has found that the shape and size of Folgers coffee containers are perfect for paint. She points out that they have perfect built-in handles for easy holding, are the right size for most brushes and mini rollers, and they come with a lid for easy storage.


7. Make your own faux terra cotta pots with orange paint.

Terra cotta pots are a timeless classic, but they can fetch a pretty penny. Thanks to the creativity of @sherivegas, there's an easy, cost-efficient way to make your own faux versions. Just whip up a solution of equal parts dark orange paint and baking soda to paint onto a ceramic vase, bowl, or pitcher, and voilà! You've got yourself a "terra cotta" pot! Don't worry, we won't tell.


8. Try three paintbrush-cleaning hacks in one.

User @therenegadehome goes above and beyond with this particular TikTok, in which they share three paintbrush cleaning hacks in one quick tutorial. First, they show us the "rubber band trick," in which a rubber band is placed vertically around the paint can to clean off a brush. Next, they recommend using fabric softener to thoroughly refresh used brushes. This is followed by a brief tutorial showing how the creator utilizes a five-in-one tool to remove excess paint off rollers. Thanks, @therenegadehome!


9. Paint around glass without wanting to cry.

Thanks to TikTok user @handmakeshome, we now know that painting around glass doesn't have to be such a frustrating task. Using Jasco Liquid Mask and Peel, the user seals their glass panes, paints their wood door, and is then able to peel the liquid mask off the glass, removing the paint that ended up all over the place. Genius.


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