This Painting Hack Will Make Your Walls Look as Smooth as a Baby's Bottom

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If you've ever painted anything, then you know how frustrating it can be when you're not dealing with a perfectly smooth surface. And yes, you can sand your canvas beforehand, but what if you don't want to deal with all of the resulting dust? Not to mention the effort that comes with sanding a surface as large as an entire wall.


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Thanks to @sharnenejewell, we just discovered a painting hack that will help you make your walls look as smooth as possible. Using a roller, the creator first paints a section of the wall with a matt emulsion paint. Immediately after, before the paint dries, they then use a squeegee to smooth the paint over the wall while filling in old roller dimples.

"I allow each coat to dry before repeating until the wall is flat, then [do a] final coat with a fine nap roller," @sharnenejewell writes in a comment. A "nap" refers to the pile thickness on the roller. The thinner the nap is, the smoother the surface will end up being.


Of course, there are multiple ways to tackle walls that lack a smooth finish. Several commenters state that sanding the walls first would help, but @sharnenejewell replied saying that she wanted to avoid the dust and effort. Others added that a paint roller with a finer nap would work well, but the creator wanted to use such a roller ​after​ filling in the old roller dimples.

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