This TikTok Hack Makes Painting a Door Much Easier

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Itching to switch up the look of your interior doors? We're always here to encourage a good DIY makeover. And sometimes all it takes is a good coat of paint. But before you get started, it's good to have a game plan — especially when you get to those tough nooks and crannies.


Video of the Day

We're bookmarking a few tricks from @therenegadehome on TikTok. The best part is you don't have to remove the door from its hinges. The TikTok user, also known as Molly Miller, grabs some mini foam rollers, instead of your average ones or a trusty paintbrush, to get the project started. They're meant to be used for cabinets and doors, and can really simplify the painting process.

Miller puts tape over the doorknob and hinges to keep the paint off from those areas. And in order to get the space on the side of the door (which touches the wall), Miller places a file folder between the door and its frame, then carefully uses the mini foam roller to get the paint on that section.


Taking this approach definitely makes for a smoother experience, and we love seeing the updated look at the end of the video. Now you have a new use for that file folder that's in your desk right now.

Other useful paint hacks

Need even more inspo? We've got a few tips to keep in your back pocket. Try this 'seashell' hack to make sure you don't leave any gaps behind when painting. If you're taking on a tougher project like painting stair spindles, TikTok has some advice for that, too. And don't forget that paint can totally transform your decor, too. Try this faux terra cotta pot tutorial to add an elegant twist to your space.

Here's to making the most of your next DIY project.


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