This Aldi Pizza Combines Two of Your Favorite Comfort Foods

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Every so often, a flavor combination comes along that you never knew you needed. The pairing might sound ridiculous at first, but that's what ultimately makes it great. The fan-favorite grocer Aldi has its freezers stocked with an item that falls into this category, uniting jalapeño poppers and pizza into one delectable dish, the Jalapeño Popper Pizza.


Instagram's Aldi aficionado, @aldifavoritefinds, is spreading the word about this frozen aisle delicacy, promoting it to their hoard of excited followers. "It's delicious!!!" shares one user in the comments, while another gushes, "Omg, I just had one of these for lunch. Don't walk, but run to Aldi and grab not one, but a few of these. They are so damn good. I'm just saying."

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From the Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen brand, the jalapeño popper frozen pizza is made with 100% real cheese. It's a thin-crust style pizza, so those who prefer a doughy, deep-dish kind of pie should keep that in mind. The crispy dough is topped with a creamy roasted garlic sauce, jalapeño and green peppers, green onion, both mozzarella and cheddar cheese, and breadcrumbs. All this is being sold for just $4.29 a pizza!


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If you're making the trip to Aldi to scoop up a few of these Jalapeño Popper Pizzas, you should check out some of the other treats they have in store. Here are a few more items to look out for:



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