The 15 Best Pillows If You Sleep on Your Back

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Just as you carefully choose a mattress, picking the right pillow deserves the best attention. Back sleepers need higher loft pillows that promote spinal alignment rather than arching your neck too far upward or letting your head sink in too deeply. With so many pillow styles and options out there, we rounded up 15 of the best pillows for back sleepers to give you the best night's sleep ever.


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The Best Pillows for Back Sleepers

One of the most durable pillows out there will stay the same even after machine washing. Parachute's down pillow has a medium firmness that maintains its shape after use, and it's by far one of the most comfortable pillows ever.


For less than $50, you can get an alternative down pillow that feels like the real deal. The pillow is designed for stomach and back sleepers with a medium firmness that keeps its shape even after prolonged use. The polyester filling is also machine washable, making it easy to take care of.


3. Best for Neck Pain: Purple Pillow, $109

You've probably seen the Purple mattress before. The Purple pillow features the same supportive grid and filling that's perfect for back sleepers. The design cradles the head and shoulders to maintain spinal support when sleeping.


This memory foam pillow performs like no other. The memory foam is covered with a cooling gel that keeps even the hottest sleeper cool at night. After sleeping, the pillow quickly bounces to return to its original shape. It's one of the most affordable solid memory foam pillows you can find.


The Riley pillow has 100% down fill for the classic, fluffy feel of a down pillow. It's also machine washable, which is a plus for these types of pillows. It's perfect for back sleepers because while it provides a fluffy feel, it still has enough firmness to provide neck support.


If you prefer a down alternative, this is a reasonably priced option to consider. While it's filled with a down alternative of mostly polyester, most testers point out that the pillow traps no heat whatsoever, keeping them cool overnight. It has a medium height with medium firmness that is specifically designed for back sleepers.


Technically, the Coop Home Goods pillow can be adjusted to match any sleeping style, which is why it's so popular. Its adjustable fill lets you add or remove shredded memory foam to find your perfect height and fit. You can change the pillow's feel as many times as you want, making it the ultimate pillow for sleepers who change sleeping positions.


While it might not look like a traditional pillow, this orthopedic pillow is excellent for back sleepers. It has a pocket at the center of the pillow designed to maintain proper spinal alignment and release any neck and upper back tension. It has a firmer feel, so consider this when choosing.

Proper posture is everything, and back sleepers need it the most to prevent neck and back pain. This orthopedic pillow helps you sleep with appropriate posture all night. If you have neck pain, this pillow is beneficial. The cutout in the center helps your body achieve a natural posture to ease back pain. While getting adjusted to this pillow takes time, it's worth it.

This pillow is great for hot sleepers. The cool-to-touch cover keeps heat away on both sides. It's made with a breathable cotton cover that helps the pillow stay even cooler. The filling has microfiber gel clusters to provide better upper body support, which is ideal for back sleepers with neck pain.

11. Best Customized: Zoma Pillow (Queen), $75

Back sleepers who don't have the right mattress might need support elsewhere. The Zoma pillow is made with shredded memory foam designed to adapt to your posture and provide support where you need it the most. Plus, the gel infusion helps sleepers stay cool all night.

For a truly luxurious feel, this silk pillow has the softest feel. With long-strand mulberry silk, this pillow offers plushness and durability. It has a medium-soft feel with a midrange loft, ideal for back sleepers who want gentle upper body support. Even better, these pillows can be machine washed and dried, making them incredibly easy to care for.

This pillow is very different, featuring different sides for large and small necks and is great for those who change to sleep on their sides at night. Still, the indentation at the center also works to keep your spine safe from moving so you have proper alignment while sleeping.

The Bluewave Ultra Slim pillow has a flat bottom that gives you support and perfect alignment overnight. It's a good option for those who prefer memory foam but want to enjoy the cooling sensation that gel-infused fillings provide. The curved top and flat bottom design are also ideal for back sleepers who enjoy placing a pillow on their lower back or by their legs.

15. Best for Snorers: Helix Wedge Pillow, $95

If you insist on being a back sleeper and dealing with snoring, you should consider sleeping on a wedge pillow. The Helix is a medium-firm wedge pillow that gives you 10 inches of support and a layer of cooling memory foam to provide more comfort. While it takes time to adjust, sleeping on a wedge pillow can help reduce neck and back pain and reduce your snoring too.

What Should Back Sleepers Look For in Pillows?

Back sleepers need a pillow that provides them with proper spinal alignment to help prevent neck and back pain. Ideally, a medium to firm pillow with medium height is best to give enough support to the neck without disrupting your spine's alignment and your overall body position. If you're looking for a new pillow, consider giving these a test to find the perfect pillow for your sleeping position.