The Best Budget Mattresses You Can Buy Now

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It's no surprise that new mattresses tend to be investment pieces since they're in it for the long haul. Not to mention, the process of finding the perfect one can be quite the journey. But that's no reason to cast away affordable, budget-friendly mattresses. There are plenty of mattresses you can find for only a few hundred dollars.


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What To Look For in a Budget Mattress

When it comes to budget mattresses, key factors to look into are price, materials, firmness level, sleeping position, and type of mattress.


Mattress prices can vary depending on materials, type of mattress, brand names, and added features. On average, mattresses tend to be in the $1,000 range, but you can easily get one above that price point. So, if you happen to buy a mattress under $1,000, consider that a budget-friendly buy.



During your search for an affordable mattress, you'll most likely come across memory foam-based or hybrid options made of polyfoam, an inexpensive and lesser-quality foam compared to more high-end options like organic mattresses made with natural latex. High-density foam also provides a more durable base for added support.


Sleeping Position and Firmness Level

With any mattress, you're going to want to find one that best matches your sleeping position. Side sleepers can benefit from a medium-soft, medium, or medium-firm mattress for pressure relief on the shoulders and hips. Back sleepers may prefer medium-firm options for better spinal alignment. Stomach sleepers may opt for medium-firm to firm mattresses for extra support.


The Best Budget-Friendly Mattresses

From bed-in-a-box memory foam to versatile hybrids, we rounded up the best budget mattresses you can find below.

At under $700, the Casper Element is our top pick for best mattresses that are not only cheap but totally comfortable. Designed to be cozy yet supportive, it has two layers of CertiPUR-US certified foam: a top layer of breathable, perforated memory foam for pressure relief and better airflow to keep you cool at night, and a foam base for added durability to prevent sinking or sagging. The all-foam mattress has more of a firm feel — perfect for back sleepers or stomach sleepers — and comes conveniently packaged in a box, making setup as easy as can be.


Casper offers free, no-contact delivery, a 100-night risk-free trial, and a 10-year limited warranty.

Do you like the best of both worlds and want a hybrid mattress with both foam and springs? Go for a hybrid mattress like The Allswell. At an unbeatable price of under $400, the mattress is made with individually-wrapped coils to minimize motion transfer and add edge support, cooling charcoal and copper gel-infused memory foam and a quilted top panel. The Allswell is a medium-firm mattress, great for side sleepers or anyone who wants comfort without sacrificing support. Plus, it comes packaged in a compact box.


The mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty and a 100-day trial period, along with free shipping and returns. Not only is The Allswell quite the steal, but the brand also offers old mattress removals for an additional fee of $149.

Nectar is a top-rated gel memory foam mattress that you can buy directly on Amazon for under $700. Designed for every type of sleeper, it's made of five CertiPUR-US certified foam layers: an airy cooling cover, a gel memory foam for weight distribution, an adaptive response transition layer to prevent sinking, a base layer for extra support, and a mattress cover on the bottom to prevent slipping. This mattress also comes in a small box and can be unboxed and rolled out in a matter of minutes.


The brand has a lifetime warranty and comes with a one-year home trial, so you can make sure it's the best mattress for you.

If you tend to sleep hot, consider this affordable cooling mattress from Zinus. Right in the $400 price range, this bed-in-a-box design features CertiPUR-US certified green tea-infused gel memory foam to help with temperature regulation, pressure-relieving layers, and a high-density foam base. The 12-inch mattress has a soft and plush feel, but you can also get it in 6, 8, and 10 inches depending on your comfort preferences and preferred sleep style.


In terms of warranty, the Zinus mattress has limited coverage for up to 10 years.

Picked straight out of our Reddit-approved best mattresses for back pain roundup, The Modway Aveline was dubbed as a life-changer for Reddit users. Thanks to its medium-firm feel and open-cell, CertiPUR-US certified memory foam, the mattress is designed to reduce pressure on your head and body and align your spine. It also features a top layer made with gel-infused memory foam to help keep you cool.


The highly-rated mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. But according to the brand, 98% of customers are satisfied with their purchase, so you might not even need it.

Are Budget Mattresses Worth It?

Price doesn't always indicate that a mattress will be a good fit for you. If you have a tight budget and need something more affordable, budget mattresses are totally worth it. Aside from the obvious that you save money compared to more expensive options, you'll find that a lot of cheap mattresses have a bed-in-a-box design, making them easy to move and set up.


In terms of materials, budget mattresses (typically under $700) tend to be more memory foam-based, although there are hybrid options to choose from, too. A lot of budget-friendly mattresses are also made of polyfoam, a cheaper alternative to more high-end materials.

Overall, while affordable mattresses tend to have fewer features or design aspects than mattresses over $1,000, it's still possible to find the perfect mattress for you on a budget.


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