The Best Cooling Mattresses to Help You Sleep During the Heat

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Welcome to The Cool Down, Hunker's definitive guide for staying cool, calm, and collected all summer long.

The heat of summer is definitely on, and while the warmer months lend themselves to plenty of fun, it can be mighty tough to enjoy said fun when you can't get a good night's sleep. Studies suggest that high temperatures can make it tougher to sleep through the night, making it all the more important to ensure you have the right cooling mattress for the soaring summer temps.


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Below, we cover the best cooling mattresses for every need, ranging from quality, budget-friendly options that promote cooling comfort to luxurious mattresses that let you set your nightly temperature.

This cooling, hybrid mattress comprises several different layers to keep you comfortable and cool all night long. The top layer features patented TitanFlex foam that's designed to respond to the contours of your body, while an infusion of TitaniumGel works to keep you ultra-cool in addition to providing an antibacterial sleeping environment.


There's also a six-inch base of individually-wrapped coils, which ensures your body has plenty of support throughout the night. And with a 120-day, risk-free trial and 10-year warranty, you can make sure you love it while resting assured that the mattress is built to last.

The Brooklyn Signature Hybrid (Queen), $595


Pressure-relieving, supportive, and specially designed to keep the summer heat off of you, this high-quality mattress is packed with premium features at an affordable price. The mattress is made with two layers of foam, including 2.5 inches of the the brand's proprietary foam, which features an open-cell structure that moves with your body throughout the night.


The proprietary foam also keeps you cool thanks to its combination of graphite and cooling gel. The graphite works to draw heat away from your body, while the cooling gel, well, helps keep you cool.

Tuft & Needle Original Mattress, $595

This mattress comes in at a high price point, but its innovative features make it worth the investment. Featuring a hydro-engine hub, the mattress allows you to control exactly how hot or cool you want it to be throughout the night. All you have to do is fill the hub with water every 2-3 months and the mattress will automatically adjust to the temperature you set it to as the night goes on.


Even better, you and anyone you share a bed with can each control your own temperature. And you do it all from an easy-to-use app, which also allows you to access sleep reports, including information on your nightly REM cycle and heart rate. Oh, and the mattress lets you say goodbye to your blaring alarm as well, featuring GentleRise technology that gently wakes you up with a vibration whenever you want it to (without waking your partner).


Eight Sleep The Pod Pro, $2,595

Best Memory Foam: TEMPUR-breeze LUXEbreeze

Memory foam mattresses have become wildly popular over the years due to their ability to adjust to your movements and body throughout the night without waking your partner, but one of the major drawbacks of many of these mattresses is that they often run hotter than innerspring mattresses.


The LUXEbreeze offers the supportive comfort of a memory foam mattress with the cooling power of a traditional mattress. In fact, its system of cooling technologies feels up to eight degrees cooler than many other memory foam mattresses. You can also choose between firm and soft mattresses to find just the right fit for your comfort levels.

TEMPUR-breeze LUXEbreeze, $4,699


Best Innerspring: Saatva Classic Mattress

If you're a super-hot sleeper or you simply prefer the feel of a traditional mattress, then you may benefit most from an innerspring mattress, which are often cooler than memory foam mattresses. Saatva's Classic Mattress uses a coil-on-coil innerspring system that's designed to respond to your body's contours, while promoting airflow, keeping you cool, and reducing motion transfer.


The mattress is also encased in foam, which offers added support and minimizes the sagging that many people don't like about other innerspring mattresses.

Saatva Classic Mattress, $1,299

Most Innovative: Airweave Mattress Advanced

Sometimes, products come out that make us feel like we're living in the year 3000 — and this mattress is definitely on that list. The bed is equipped with three individual Dual-Mode Airfiber blocks, all of which include three firmness levels to choose from (soft, moderate, firm). All you need to do is easily flip the blocks over and reorder them depending on your needs — there's even an app that can help you determine the best setup for you, if you're unsure.


As for cooling, the proprietary Airfiber technology uses a unique interwoven design that lowers core body temperature faster, so you fall into a deeper sleep faster. In fact, deep sleep on airfiber has been proven to be 308% longer than sleeping on memory foam.

Airweave Mattress Advanced, $2,810