12 IKEA Kids’ Room Hacks You Really Should See

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If you're a parent, decorating your child's room can be a straight up delight. Also, this is probably the last time you'll actually get a say in ​how​ to decorate their rooms because come the tween years, that space is all theirs. At Hunker, we love thinking about paint color, furniture, and style — yet what really gets us jazzed is discovering ways where we can save money on home decor. So we turn to the wonderful world of DIY. One of the best options for adding function ​and​ fun to your little one's room is by giving popular IKEA products a makeover. Below, 12 DIY IKEA hacks for kids' rooms that stand out for their simplicity and ingenuity.


The Flisat wall shelf transforms into a charming bookshelf with the addition of our beloved cane webbing. (And hey, Mom, how about getting couple more of these and using them as spice racks in the kitchen ... with the cane, of course! Similar to the Bekvam spice rack, but with a little more space.)

Mom, Dad, if you don't know about the Kura bed yet, it's time you ​got​ in the know. Kids everywhere love this bed (because a bunk bed just isn't for everybody.) We've gone a step beyond to DIY a magical sleeping space by adding a fabric flag garland and gauzy light-colored curtains.

Plain IKEA Drona boxes are the perfect canvas for adding character. Let's face it: You'll need plenty of storage solutions for your child's bedroom or playroom, so might as well make it look lovely. We appreciate how Tan from Squirrelly Minds customized white boxes with colorful tassels. It's toy storage we can get behind. Add these to the Kallax shelf unit, and you're set up with some amazing storage space!


Kiddos love to do dishes. No, not ​real​ dishes. Play ones. And they like to make pretend food, too. So, it's no wonder that play kitchens are a hit with the younger set. This makeover of the Duktig play kitchen is a marvel with the assistance of spray paint, marble contact paper, and customized hardware. This is one tutorial we really think you should try. Also, why not place a Trofast storage unit next to it where your child can put away all their dishes and play food. Keep it clean!

This IKEA workhorse, the Ivar shelf, gets a character upgrade by adding a little roof to the top with this DIY that anyone can do. Use it as a bookcase or a place to set out all their snugglies.

We kid you not with this cuteness. Honestly, this Flisat stool will melt hearts when you hand-paint animal face on it.

Here's a real way to save money: Invest in a piece of furniture that can span many years with your child. We love the idea of adding this to a little girl's room. As she gets older, she won't outgrow a piece such as this. In this tutorial, we give a standard Tarva dresser a chevron design — it's a classic choice that you won't tire of. By adding a changing pad to the top, this can even be fashioned into a changing table with plenty of storage solutions for diapers and clothes. It's a perfect example of how IKEA furniture can get a gorgeous makeover when talented IKEA hackers get their hands on them!


Turn a cute-as-is bamboo box into a must-have book bin simply by adding hairpin legs. Fill it with favorite stories for fostering imagination, and while you're at it, set up a cozy reading nook or reading corner to encourage a love for the written word. If your child's room is on the smaller side and can't quite fit a bookcase, this design will fit every space.

Goodness we love Swedish design. Sneakers, sandals, party shoes — whatever your child loves to wear — can be stowed away neatly in this shoe cabinet. We also love the idea of using it to store smaller playthings, like Legos. Teach them how to be organized and tidy as early as you can. (No guarantees, though.) The added leather pulls on this storage unit elevates the look in a modern way.

While this DIY was originally was designed as a way for kids to help in the kitchen (or at least to see what's happening on the counter), we say to plant this step stool-turned-tower in their room. It'll help them reach books and toys that may be sitting high on some shelves. And, let's talk about our favorite added feature: How about that cane? Gorgeous.


DIYer Freckles at Home turned a basic (but beloved) Latt table into a kid-friendly art table by attaching a drawing paper roll and dowels. Place this in your child's playroom and watch your little one go!

Using that same Latt table and chairs, if you want to keep things more simple, follow blogger Jenna from Paddington Way and easily add chalkboard paint to the top of the table. (Also, this could probably be easily fashioned into a cool Lego table, right?)


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