Mexican-Inspired Tile Floor in the Kitchen Is Gaining in Popularity, and We're Obsessed

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We've been seeing more and more cook spaces flaunting Mexican-inspired tile flooring in vibrant, daring colors and bold, eye-catching patterns. Typically made using natural materials — like clay and terra cotta — it's often hand-painted, showcasing unique textures and finishes. These artisanal details and dynamic visuals are perfect for adding unique character and charm to any culinary headquarters. But don't just take our word for it. If you're looking to add a little something extra to your space, scroll on for six kitchen floor ideas that will surely do the trick.


1. Embrace texture.

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If you aren't afraid of texture, consider a Mexican Saltillo option like the arabesque-shaped tile in this Los Angeles kitchen. Its perfectly-imperfect finish adds old-world flair to the stylish cook space, and the all-white palette allows the tile to be the center of attention.

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Get the look: Rustico Tile & Stone Manganese Saltillo Tile — San Felipe in Dark Brown, pricing upon request

2. Experiment with pattern.

Sleek boutique hotel Casa Decu bases each of its suites on art deco-influenced Mexican architecture, using pattern and color to inspire its guests with every stay. The tile pattern used in this kitchenette is minimal yet eclectic, but oh-so-effortlessly cool, too.


Get the look: Clé Tile Alt For Living Cement Black + White Kutner Tile, $23.14 per square foot

3. Don't hold back.

If you're going to go for a Mexican-inspired tile floor in the kitchen, don't be shy. Go for it! Geometric motifs like the abstract pattern seen in this earthy cook space, are typical of the aesthetic. The overall design is kicked up a notch thanks to the addition of dark wood cabinets and minimal pendant lights.


Get the look: Bert & May Pink Alalpardo Tile, pricing upon request

4. Make a feature of it.

Zoning off different areas in an open-plan living space can be achieved with a simple change in flooring, and the Mexican-inspired tile in this kitchen is a picture-perfect example. Follow the lead of designer Daleet Spector and use the same abstract pattern for the backsplash, too. Complete the dynamic visuals with open shelving styled with your fave culinary essentials.



Get the look: Clé Tile Cement Square Target, $14.49 per square foot

5. Be brave with color.

If you crave a subtle pop of color in your kitchen, follow the lead of the team over at 2LG Studio. They carried the bespoke encaustic tile from the floor up to the island back panel, and complemented the cool palette with a pink subway tile backsplash and modern light fixtures for good measure. Serious kitchen floor goals.


Get the look: Reine 6" x 16" Ceramic Filed Tile, $14.59 per square foot

6. Use earthy materials.

Small batch design and a handmade approach are part of the beauty of Mexican-inspired kitchen floor tiles. Don't worry, it'll also add texture and depth to your culinary design. The rust-colored terra cotta option seen in this warm and inviting cook space looks even better in a classic herringbone pattern.

Get the look: Tierra Y Fuego Sealed Super Saltillo Rounded Edges — Terra Cotta Floor Tile, $2.85 per tile



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