Just 7 Scandinavian Fireplaces That You'll Want to Curl Up Next To

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Scandinavian design prioritizes functionality and emphasizes a less-is-more approach to interior decorating, favoring white walls, a neutral color palette, and natural wood tones. Much of Scandi design has evolved out of necessity — winter days in these parts are chilly and long, lasting close to 20 hours, so a focus on creating bright and welcoming interiors has always been important. If you love the look of modern spaces, but long for something with warmer undertones, Scandinavian style is for you.


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Adding softness to their minimal spaces with layers of cozy textures, and creating ambient light and heat with fireplaces, is at the heart of most Nordic homes. Their hearths adhere to the same principles of general Scandi design — nothing too ornate or distracting. If you're looking for ideas on how to bring some of that Scandinavian goodness into your home in the form of a fireplace, look no further.

1. White is right.

When it comes to creating Scandi-inspired spaces, you really can't go wrong with white. Here, in this Silver Lake home, a decorative fireplace surround with ionic-cast columns virtually disappears and offers dimension to bright walls. Simple but thoughtful accessories like an Icelandic throw, pops of greenery, and an abundance of natural light complete the look.

2. Choose simple silhouettes.

There's nothing fussy about Scandinavian style, fireplaces included. Take inspiration from this living room scene styled by Kirsten Visdal and choose a simple rectangular design, leave some brick exposed for extra character, and then give the wall a dose of concrete faux finish for depth. Curated accents personalize the floating hearth.

3. Clad in tile.

Anchor a pared-down living room with stacked brick tile to bring your Scandinavian fireplace to life. The team over at Brasstacks used a handsome ebony glazed option from Fireclay Tile from floor to ceiling to break up the white space and add dreamy contrast and texture.


4. Make it black.

Dark walls make for comfy spaces that go in hand-in-hand with fireside chats. Although Nordic interiors typically showcase pale color schemes, this space by Kresswell Interiors makes a pretty compelling case in favor of moody hues as the ultimate Scandinavian fireplace idea. White walls, a floor to ceiling stack of chopped wood, and a leather sofa are welcoming touches.

5. Create a Scandi moment outdoors.

OK. So while you might not be able to enjoy an outdoor fireplace during the winter in Scandinavia, a timeless option like this vintage Malm will bring loads of warmth and style to those in more temperate climates. If you have a patio, adorn it with the bare necessities like a teak sofa, leather stool, and a backdrop of greenery for the perfectly appointed outdoor living room.

6. Keep it cozy.

For an earthy Scandinavian fireplace idea that's worthy of being the center of attention, give this freestanding stove and accompanying stack of chopped wood a try. Pair with bleached wood flooring and a sheepskin rug for the ultimate hygge cabin vibe.


7. Add a wood mantel.

Whitewashed brick and a reclaimed wood mantel are two hardworking elements that come together in this living room by Kate Marker Interiors to create a sophisticated yet approachable Scandinavian fireplace idea. Quintessential Scandi details like ample windows, a monochrome color palette, and restrained decor round out the space.


Jaclyn Schatzow is a freelance writer living in Santa Monica, CA