Mind Blown: 14 IKEA Items With Hidden Details

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IKEA knows how to do good design. Usually, we're most amazed by the company's shockingly affordable aesthetics. But the simple, utilitarian details are sometimes even more impressive. Here, 12 IKEA items with little details you didn't realize serve a purpose:


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1. Drainage Chip

Ever notice the little chip on the bottom of IKEA mugs? That's there for a clever reason: to allow water to run off in the dishwasher, so you don't have to touch a cup with a little puddle of leftover water.

2. Replaceable Brush

Some of IKEA's toilet brushes (like the Svartsjon and Enudden models) have replacement brushes — so instead of buying a whole new set, you can just get a new brush and cut down on plastic waste.

3. Cord-Helping Drawer

That cutout on the Selje nightstand isn't just an aesthetic design detail, it also lets you run a phone charger cable through it: Keep your phone on the table, then run the cable through the nook (allowing you to keep the drawer closed) and through a space at the back of the table.

4. Table and Tray in One

The Gladom side table (and some other similar tables) features a removable top — transporting snacks to and from the kitchen just got so much easier.


5. Versatile Mirror

While most people think the Ikornnes mirror is meant to stand on a dresser or vanity with the arm pushed to the back to create a stand, it can also be suspended on the wall with the arm protruding to create a tie rack.

6. Washable Headboard

The Tomrefjord bed's headboard features a removable cover that can easily be cleaned.

7. Oven-Safe Storage

IKEA's glass food storage containers are also oven-safe (not the lids, just the bases). Meaning you can use it for roasting small pieces of meat/fish or pop it into the oven to reheat food.

8. A Hole for Transport

The hole in the seat of many IKEA stools is there to make it easier to carry.


9. A Lamp That Hides a Cord

With the Lauters lamp, you can wind the cord around the neck to decrease slack if you've got an outlet close by.

10. Reversible Rugs

IKEA's flat-weave rugs feature the exact same design on both sides — so when one side gets dirty, you can flip it over. Voila! New rug!

11. Mess-Reducing Lid

Aside from that cool window that lets you check in on how your food is cooking, the lid on the Sensuell pot is slightly slanted, so that when you remove it, condensation slides back into the pot, not onto your cooktop.

12. Sneaky Skinny Storage

What's up with that metal bar on the inside of the door on the Lixhult series? It helps to create a sneaky compartment where you can store a few flat items like paper goods or rulers.


13. A Pillow-Sleeping Bag

IKEA's Fältmal is a must for camping trips — the pillow unzips to become a wearable blanket.

14. A Desk With Cable Storage

The Alex desk deals solves a problem that drives minimalists crazy: cord storage. Thanks to a sneaky sliver near the back of the desk, you can slip cords down to hide out of sight. Bonus: This desk is completely finished at the back, meaning you can place it in the middle of the room.