11 IKEA Products That Are Brand New in 2022

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January feels like the month where many of us get serious about cleaning and re-organizing our spaces. Naturally, one place we often like to check for inspiration also happens to go easier on our wallets. IKEA has released a few new items just in time for a 2022 revamp, and we gathered a few of our faves. Keep reading to find out more.


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1. Saluding Laundry Basket, $39.99

Laundry baskets don't ​need​ to be stylish — but finding a chic one definitely makes a difference. Upgrade your laundry room (or corner of your closet, like yours truly) with this bamboo basket.


2. Finlemmad Vase, $12.99

A statement vase or two can really transform your dresser, coffee table, or dining area. This new find manages to combine minimalism with a bit of whimsy.


3. Odger Chair, $75

We're getting Eames vibes from this chair, which is described as easy to build thanks to a "simple three-click assembly." The plastic-and-wood furniture item would look great in an eclectic dining room.


4. Splitterny Snack Container, $1.79

We're huge fans of the "things you didn't know you needed" finds. Take for example this snack holder, which makes it easy to rinse your fruit or veggies. It also comes with a covered section on top for more snacks.


5. Månalg Wall Lamp With LED Bulb, $27.99

Looks like woven accents aren't going anywhere in 2022. This wall lamp made of hand-braided sedge (a plant similar to grass) is a creative and cozy way to warm up your space.


6. Kabomba Wall Lamp, $69.99

We're getting luxe hotel vibes from this "modern art deco style" wall lamp. It's a pretty timeless look. Plus, the light bulbs are dimmable, so you can choose the intensity depending on your mood.


7. Smycka Artificial Bouquet, $8.99

Easily bring in earthy and relaxing energy to your space with these artificial gems. Or, consider placing them in your outdoor space for a pop of color.


8. Burvik Side Table, $39.99

If you don't have the space for a full coffee table, this new offering could do the trick. Added bonus: The handle was designed for you to carry it from room to room — even with a couple of things already on its surface.

9. Sportslig Wall Shelf for Trophies, $17.99

Although it's advertised as a trophy holder, we could see this item working well for a variety of display/organization purposes. After all, we love a good work space refresh.

10. Hemlagad Cookware Set, $59.99

We've seen lots of IG-ready kitchen tools as of late — including cookware in bold colors. IKEA has joined in on the fun, with this pink set comprised of two pots with lids, a saucepan, and a frying pan.

11. Åskmuller Table Lamp With LED Bulb, $24.99

Described as a "modern version of a traditional kerosene lamp," this lighting fixture is downright charming. It's currently sold out, but you can sign up to get notified when it's back in stock.