14 Techy Things You Didn't Know You Could Get at Ikea

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If you haven't noticed, Ikea has been going high-tech lately and it's not just media cabinets or LED lights. They're now selling so many useful tech-friendly goods: aesthetically pleasing wireless chargers, furniture with built-in charging, motion sensors, and light dimmers. Check out these surprising finds:


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1. Solbana Built-In Charger With Battery, $19.99

We're always losing our mobile chargers, so we'll totally be picking up this affordable number on our next Ikea run.


2. Nordmarke Wireless Charging Pad, $59.99

Wow, so apparently, Ikea is all-in on the wireless charging game. One of numerous wireless products is this sleek charging pad, which allows you to power up three phones at once.


3. Rimforsa Tablet Stand, $15.99

Keep iPads off messy kitchen counters with this nifty bamboo tablet holder.


4. Nordli Nightstand With Wireless Charging, $92.98

Never forget to plug in your phone before bedtime: This compact nightstand has a built-in wireless charger.


5. Tradfri Wireless Dimmer, $9.99

For use with Ikea's many compatible lights, this little guy will let you dim the lights from anywhere in a room. (Smooth.)


6. Vinnige Battery Charger, $2.99

Here's an easy way to be just a bit more eco-friendly: This gadget will power up rechargeable batteries just by plugging into your computer's USB port.


7. Ikea Standing Laptop Desk, $49.99

Aside from being great for your health, this standing laptop desk features a handy hole to feed cables through.


8. Tradfri Wireless Motion Sensor, $17.99

This discreet monitor senses motion and automatically triggers up to 10 lights within range — an easy and affordable way to make your home more safe.

9. Byllan Laptop Support, $14.99

Keep your browsing super comfy with this laptop support.

10. Utrusta LED Countertop Light With Power Supply, $59.99

Gotta love something that pulls double-duty — this LED light also allows you to hang kitchen utensils.

11. Tillreda Portable Induction Cooktop, $45

Wow. We wish we had one of these in college.

12. Riggad LED Lamp With Wireless Charging, $69.99

Never get down to an anxiety-provoking battery percentage with this lamp that offers wireless charging.

13. Fantast Meat Thermometer, $6.99

It's finally time to start cooking like a grown-up.

14. Koppla Three-Port USB Charger, $7.49

You can never have too many of these around the house.