19 Ikea Items You Will Probably Obsess Over

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ikea 2018
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Ikea's game recently has been on-point. Between the release of their 2018 catalog and the newer additions to their permanent collection, the big blue box has come up with offerings that are seriously inspiring. Here, a list of favorites that will make you want to make over a room in your house. (Or all the rooms.)

ikea leather handles
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These leather handles provide a ridiculously affordable way to upgrade a set of drawers.

checked blue ikea throw
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Varkrage Throw, $4.99

This windowpane-pattern throw offers a perfect pop of color for minimalists.

ikea rattan stockholm chair
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Rattan Lounging Chair, $249

This rattan chair — from Ikea's new Stockholm 2017 collection — works inside or out.

ikea alseda stool
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Alseda Stool, $29.99

Made out of banana fibers, this stool would be an excellent companion to that rattan chair. Just sayin'.

nymo lampshade
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Nymo Lampshade, $39.99

This perforated metal lampshade comes in three different colors — mix and match in a single room, or find the perfect shade.

stockholm ikea rattan cabinet
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Rattan Cabinet, $349

Clearly Ikea has hopped on the rattan chain, and after seeing this cabinet, we are fully on it too.

Ofantligt Mug
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Ofantligt Mug, $3.99

The texture on this mug gives a basic a simple yet elegant upgrade.

Puderviva sheets
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Puderviva Duvet Cover and Pillowcases, $79.99

Linen sheets, anyone? This set is perfectly affordable.

ikea rattan coffee table
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Rattan Coffee Table, $99

Another gem from the new Stockholm collection, this coffee table could easily double as an entryway bench.

Bolman Bath Sheet
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Bolman Bath Sheet, $12.99

The sporty motif on these towels is compelling us to upgrade our guest set.

Image Credit: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10389236/
Skarreso rug
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Skarreso Rug, $149

This two-toned rug is sure to become one of those Ikea classics you suddenly start seeing in all your friends' houses. (So get one before they do.)

Gronadal Rocking Chair
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Gronadal Rocking Chair, $249

Your reading nook is begging for this sleek addition. And if you don't have a reading nook...now's the time to get one.

Image Credit: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/90320097/
ikea behaga bowl
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Behaga Bowl, $2.99

Artisan pottery? Or Ikea genius? Fool your guests with these watercolor-motif bowls.

Gjora Bed Frame
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Gjora Bed Frame, $359

The best thing about this bed frame? You can position it as you see in the image above, or turn it around and add a privacy curtain — great for studio apartments.

blue ikea couch
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Norsborg Sectional Couch, $799

This sectional sports a classic hue and is also functional, thanks to handy side pockets for remotes and magazines.

Snofsa Clock
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Snofsa Clock, $12.99

Wake up in style with an old-school alarm clock in new-school colors.

Image Credit: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/20357876/
Svalnas Wall-Mounted Storage Unit
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Svalnas Wall-Mounted Storage Unit, $310

Here's a wall unit that will add total sophistication to a living room or office.

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