10 International IKEA Products You Can't Get in the U.S.

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We're always on the lookout for IKEA items that might've escaped us on shopping trips (both online and IRL). But there's one thing we often forget: as a global brand, IKEA sells its ultra-chic Swedish items around the world. So we might be missing out on a few cool pieces offered in other parts of the globe.


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Here are some of our favorite finds, from practical to downright goofy:

1. Ljörslev low pile rug - Netherlands

We love this modern, artsy rug. Perfect for anyone who loves patterns and maximalist looks.


2. Lankmoj Gift Wrap - United Kingdom

IKEA U.S. carries a few Lankmoj products already, like pen cups and note books. But we love this chic gift wrap, perfect for celebrations all year round.


3. Middagssol Plant Pot Hanger - Ireland

A stylish addition to any space, especially one filled with greenery.


4. Jycke Wall Clock - Japan

For the graphic design aficionado in your life.


5. Crayfish Party Pack - United Kingdom

In August and September, crayfish parties are all the rage in Sweden. So it only makes sense that this party pack would come in handy.


6. Patrull Bath Mat - Netherlands

An adorable take on a bath mat, perfect for the kids' bathroom (or even a quirky adult one).


7. Fjädermoln Cushion - Japan

A lovely addition to a dreamy nursery.


8. Sjalvstandig Floor Cushion - Greece

Great for impromptu sleepovers.

9. NESNA Bedside Table - United Kingdom

A stylish bamboo side table with a glass surface? Yes, please.

10. Mandal Bed Frame with Storage - France

We love a good furniture item that combines style with storage. And we'd definitely appreciate this stylish addition in our bedroom.