9 Organizational IKEA Items You Might've Missed

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For a retailer that carries everything from affordable couches to tech products, IKEA can sometimes get overwhelming because it offers so much. We're no strangers to keeping an eye on new releases, but we also enjoy combing through each section to see what items we might not have noticed the first time around.


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You never know what you might find as you wind your way through the retailer's showroom and marketplace (or even just its website). If you're always on the lookout for exciting gems that can also make your life less cluttered, we gathered just the items for you:

1. Fjantig Black Hook (set of 3), $5.99


Okay: hanging hooks that are in the shape of dining chairs? This shouldn't make us giggle so much, but it really does. Perfect for keeping stray mail, keys, and headphones in one place.


2. Kludd Glass Noticeboard, $19.99

We had to include this noticeboard because it blends so seamlessly with any decor style. You can organize loose papers in it and even write reminders on it. That way, you don't need to buy a separate whiteboard and cork board; you can just keep everything in one place.


3. Kallax Wire Basket, $12

We totally get the appeal of wire baskets as a chic way to keep errant stacks of paper from taking over your space. This hanging wire basket makes the deal even sweeter because you can easily add it to an existing shelf. It's a great alternative to keeping it on the floor or on your desk.


4. Variera Plastic Bag Dispenser, $2.99

This is a classic way to keep bags, umbrellas, scarves, and other bulky items out of sight. And you can't beat that price.


5. Skådis Tool Holder, $1

This might seem like a super small and basic addition but if you're anything like us, sometimes it's just so difficult to remember where you left the scissors. This tool will take care of that, especially when paired with a pegboard.


6. Skådis Pegboard Combination, $17.99

Speaking of which, the pegboard combination basically makes it easy to save space and keep odds and ends near your bed or desk. You can buy a combination or mix and match items.


7. Koppla Four Outlet Power Strip, $12.99

Instead of having one long power outlet, consider this smaller (and cuter, tbh) alternative.

8. Headset and Tablet Stand, $3.99

So you don't have to keep tossing your phone and headphones over the piles of books and papers on your desk (then wondering where they went later).

9. Kallax Hanging Organizer for Accessories, $15

We like this hanging organizer a lot because it's easy to fold up when you're not using it. Stash your extra notebooks, keys, hair ties, and other odds and ends in it.