15 IKEA Products That Prove Their Designers Drink Genius Juice

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Sometimes, when we're browsing IKEA online or in-store, we come across a product and have that "Wow, how did this not exist before?" moment. The genius of IKEA is how its designers look to solve problems. Sometimes, the problem is subtle and results in a slight augment of an existing design; other times, IKEA designers are downright revolutionizing the science of home. Below, IKEA's most genius products:


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1. Grundvattnet Colander, $5.99

Here's a colander (or dish rack) you can hang over your sink (depending on your sink) for hands-free washing/dumping.

2. Rectangular Ice Pack, $1.99

This icy add-on attaches to your food storage containers to keep them perfectly cool.

3. Lattskalad Avacado Slicer, $4.99

A tool just for slicing pesky avocados? I'll take 10, thanks.

4. Undvika Multi Latch (2 pack), $3.99

Child- or cat-proof your home with these super cheap but effective latches, which adhere to pretty much any type of surface.

5. Borstad Cedar Block (9 pack), $4.99


These clever cedar blocks hang on a hanger to give your clothes a fresh scent. What happens when they stop smelling? Give them a rub with some sandpaper.

6. Chilipulver Plant Watering Sensor, $4.99

If you ever wished your plants could talk to you, now they can — kinda. This sensor lights up to let you know when a plant needs watering.

7. Tradfri Wireless Motion Sensor, $9.99

Save energy by turning your lights into automatic lights with this motion sensor. (You will need to use in conjunction with other IKEA smart lighting products.)

8. Grilltider Barbecue Smoking Box, $9.99

Perch this wood chip box on your charcoal or gas grill to give your food an extra smokey taste.


9. Solvinden LED Solar Powered Ground Stake, $12.99

No electricity required for this extra cute tulip-shaped light.

10. Fnurra Alarm Clock/Wake Up Light, $19.99

Wake up easier with this alarm clock that gradually lights up and increases in sound.

11. Antilop Support Pillow, $6

This pillow has proven to be a great hack for parents: If your kid squirms or doesn't quite fit into their dining or high chair, this support pillow will keep them upright.

12. Nordli Nightstand, $69.99

At first glance, this is your average nightstand. Look closer and you'll see that it's constructed to allow cords to run through the back, making your bedroom look way less cluttered.


13. Nordmarke Triple Charging Pad, $39.99

Free up outlet space with this sleek pad that can charge up to three devices at once.

14. Gunrid Air Purifying Curtain, $29.99

This truly ground-breaking product filters the air while looking pretty. Want to learn more? Click here.

15. Symfonisk Table Lamp With Wifi Speaker, $179

It's a lamp ... AND a speaker. Read our review here.


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