IKEA Has Just Launched a $5 Game-Changing Plant Accessory

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Quick tip: IKEA's our secret source for affordable plant stuff. (They sell both live plants and cute containers to house them.)


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So when we saw that the retailer had launched a new plant accessory, we had to stop everything because, um, hi, this is exactly what we need. Behold the Chilipulver, a battery-operated sensor that flashes to let you know that your plant needs watering. When your plant is thoroughly quenched, the sensor lights a solid blue until it's thirsty again.

How does it know when your plant needs watering? You can set the sensor to three different levels according to your plant's needs: rarely, medium, and often. To make things even easier, these three levels correspond to the types of plants IKEA already sells.

Best of all, the sensor is crazy-affordable at only $4.99. Sure, if you've got 10 plants, that might add up, but we suggest you try this on your trickiest or most often neglected plants.