IKEA Has Reinvented the Ice Pack and It's Perfect for Summer Picnics

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With summer upon us, warmer temps are getting us seriously excited about outdoor activities. Here's to hoping that by the time it's truly picnic weather, your local state restrictions will be lifted to allow you to use parks and beaches. Assuming that we will all be able to safely engage in some outdoor excursions soon, IKEA's recently launched ice packs are a must-have.


The invention is pretty simple, but also pretty genius — a cold pack with a strap that will allow you to attach it to a glass or plastic food container to keep it cold.

You definitely don't need IKEA-brand food containers to use these. The sizes seem pretty universal and there are three shapes to choose from: square, circle, or rectangle.

Best of all is the price: They're only $1.99 each.


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