8 New Smart Home Products That Will Change Your Life

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Today is the final day of the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and the smart home offerings presented are truly futuristic. The trend seems to be toward voice automation and Amazon Alexa and Google Home integration. While hacking comes as a concern to some, the home trend continues to be smart living. Check out eight of the highlight products from the CES below.

1. A smart fridge that's basically a laptop

You practically don't even need a laptop if you have the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator . It has a screen on which you can create shopping lists, order groceries, see what's inside your fridge, create a family schedule, share photos and messages from your fridge to your family's phones, stream music, and mirror your Samsung TV onto your fridge. Phew! The refrigerator comes in several different sizes, and starts at $2,666.

2. An electronic fragrance pod

Agan's Aroma Moodo is a smart home fragrance machine connected to an app. And coming soon, it will be able to be voice controlled using Amazon Alexa, HomeKit and Google Home. There are 20 different fragrance pods available for purchase, and the Moodo can release mist from more than one to create a personalized scent. Some of the scents include Eucalyptus Nights, Sweet Sand, and Amber Marine. The starter pack starts at $189.

3. A device to help those with seasonal allergies

The Sensio Air connects to an app and tells you what airborne allergens and pollutants are around. You can also log your symptoms in the app and request a personalized report that explains your triggers. Bless you, Sensio Air!

4. A bathroom you can speak to

As its name may imply, Kohler Konnect connects your shower, bathtub, toilet, mirror, and faucet via voice-enabled technology. Of course, this one comes with an app as well, which allows you to to set your preferences for each fixture. Just speak to the Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror, which has Amazon Alexa built right in.

5. A stylish home watchdog

The Myteepi Woodyis a home monitoring device that alerts you of activity in your home, temperature and humidity levels, fire, and power failure. It can be used to monitor kids who are home alone or the elderly, for example.

6. These air quality champions

Olfinity offers a trio of devices that work together and can be controlled via Wifi or Bluetooth. These devices are an air monitor, an air purifier, and an aromatherapy diffuser. The trio come with an app that allows you to monitor your air quality, track your air purification, manage your aromatherapy diffusions, and more.

7. A wine opener that doesn't frustrate

Coravin's Model Eleven is their latest "wine preservation opener." Instead of removing a bottle's cork, it punctures right through it. This prevents your wine from going sour. And of course there's an accompanying app that offers wine recommendations and more.

8. A keyless lock

The Nest x Yale Lock allows friends and family to enter your home without a key by using pass codes. It also sends you alerts when someone is coming or going. Plus, it can lock itself if you forget.

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