How to Build a Birdhouse for Hummingbirds

Everyone loves hummingbird. Magical little creatures, whose wings beat fast enough to blur. But they can be hard to attract, and even harder to keep. You can build a hummingbird haven on your home. It's easy.

Give a hummingbird a home!

Step 1

It's easier if we can align the pipes. The "top" of the curved pipe is the side with the hole for a screw in it. The "bottom" does not have one. Place the straight pipe perpendicularly on the bottom of the curved pipe so that it forms a four-pronged "basket." Wrap the twine around the pipe until it is securely attached. Tie a knot in your twine.

Step 2

Cover the twine with glue for extra protection.

Step 3

Measure a hole in the fake grass the width of your curved pipe. Cut the fake grass into a circle, with the hole in its center. Slip the fake grass over the top of the curved pipe, above the "basket."

Step 4

Using a screwdriver, mount the pipe under an eave or deck in the LEAST windy place you can. It should be in a dry place, sheltered from rain. Hummingbirds need protection from both of these elements--especially if they lay eggs!

Step 5

Glue the fake grass to the bottom of the eave. You may want to leave some pet hair or cotton around the area. It provides easy access to nesting material. And even hummingbirds take the easy way, when they can!