Homemade Toilet Tank Tablet Cleaner

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Commercial toilet tank tablet cleaners definitely get the job done but at a price. Homemade toilet tank tablet cleaners can save you money and provide a more eco-friendly choice. Items with a fizzing action are particularly effective at cleaning toilets.


Denture Tablets

Use denture tablets to clean the toilet bowl's reservoir tank and the bowl. Denture tables do not contain toxic chemicals and are able to clean tough stains. Drop two to three denture tablets in the reservoir before going to bed. Allow the tablets to dissolve and sit in the tank overnight. In the morning, flush the toilet and watch the solution clean your toilet bowl. Repeat this on a weekly basis for the best results.


Baking Soda Tablets

Use baking soda tablets to maintain proper pH to keep your water soft and resistant to mold and mildew. Purchase baking soda tablets from a pool supply store. Baking soda tablets are used in nonchlorine-bleach swimming pools. Place one tablet in the reservoir tank. Most of them last at least a month before needing to be replaced. Check the tablet on a monthly basis and replace it with a new one when you notice it getting small. Scrub the inside of the bowl on a regular basis for maximum effectiveness.


Fizzy Cold Tablets

Use fizzing tablets to clean your toilet bowl. The bubbling action helps loosen buildup in the toilet. Place two tablets in the reservoir tank and allow them to work for 20 minutes. Use a toilet-bowl scrub brush to mix the solution around in the tank while scrubbing the sides of the reservoir. Flush the toilet. Use a toilet brush as the water is flushing to clean the inside of the bowl.



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