When initially purchasing a comforter, you are typically attracted to the design and quality. A common problem with new comforters is the stiff, uncomfortable feel of the comforter. Many people enjoy the feel of a soft, fluffy comforter, so you must figure out a way to soften the bedding. Luckily, you can compromise by purchasing the comforter, then incorporating a few techniques to soften the comforter without causing damage.

Soften your comforter with tennis balls.

Step 1

Place the comforter into the dryer. You will typically need a large dryer to fit the comforter, so use a large commercial dryer at a self-service laundry if necessary.

Step 2

Place three fabric softener dryer sheets into the dryer.

Step 3

Toss two tennis balls into the dryer as well.

Step 4

Turn on your dryer, using a tumble dry setting on low heat. Allow the dryer to run for about 20 minutes. The fabric softener sheets soften the comforter while the tennis balls soften and fluff the comforter.

Step 5

Remove the comforter from the dryer and shake to add an additional fluffing element.