How to Glue Leather to Plastic

Whether you are working on a craft project or need to repair something around the home, you've run into a situation where you need to glue leather to plastic. Since these are two very different surfaces and textures, you want to use a contact adhesive, which is a type of glue that adheres to itself along with all surfaces it is touching. To find a suitable glue, you must find a versatile, heavy-duty glue that works well for both glue and leather without causing damage to either surface.

Glue leather to plastic with contact adhesive.

Step 1

Wipe both surfaces with a damp cloth to remove dust. Allow both surfaces to air dry.

Step 2

Apply a small dollop of the contact adhesive to both surfaces, and rub with your fingertip to spread a thin, even layer over both the plastic and the leather. Wipe your finger off on the damp cloth.

Step 3

Position the leather and plastic in place, and firmly press together the two surfaces.

Step 4

Place a heavy object over the two--when possible--to hold the strong adhesion. Let the two surfaces sit in place until dry, which typically takes up to 4 hours depending on the surfaces sizes that you glued together.