How to Replace the Plastic Grid in the Window of a Metal Exterior Door

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Things You'll Need

  • Helper

  • Utility knife

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Hacksaw

One way to change the appearance of your exterior doors is to remove the decorative plastic window grid. The window grid gives your door the appearance of having several panes of glass even though the window is one piece. Removing the plastic grid in the window of a metal exterior door depends upon the manufacturer of the door. Some manufacturers use a removable snap plastic grid while others use a frame with a molded grid.


Step 1

Find the small slots between the plastic grid ends and the inner door window frame. Lift on the center of the grid wit one hand and pull each grid end out from under the window frame with your free hand.

Step 2

Check the inside window frame on the metal exterior door for retaining screws, if your grid does not simply snap into the frame. Some frames have circular caps over the screw heads. Look for a circular seam near each corner and along the sides of the frame.

Step 3

Ask your helper to hold the outside of the door window frame. Pry the caps off the frame with a utility knife to reveal the screws. Remove the screws.


Step 4

Pull the inner frame away from the door window with one hand while holding the center of the glass with your free hand. Once the frame is off the door, carefully pull the glass out of the frame to prevent it from falling out and breaking.

Step 5

Hold the inner window frame near the plastic grid. Push the grid away from the frame with your thumbs. Repeat at each point the plastic grid connects to the frame.

Step 6

Cut the grid ends where they meet the frame with a hacksaw, if your grid is molded as part of the inner frame. The hacksaw cuts through the plastic quickly leaving a clean edge.



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